Cool Lanyards & Bully Culture

Cool Lanyards & Bully Culture

Hah Cool Lanyards! Ya damn freshman!

Aesthetic appeal is everything today. We live in a world submerged in social media – an era drowning in selfies and trends. Narcissistic figures become heroes whom we quickly strive to imitate. They are what we perceive to be “cool” and they often dictate what is not. This relates to the same influence that divides student-bodies by creating an “I’m better than you” bully culture. That is why we’re here to persuade your young soul that love and unity are the coolest traits to wear. Cool lanyards are sweet to wear too..

Many students denounce lanyards as the ultimate un-cool item. Just check out some of these tweets:

Ouch. A twitter search of “Freshmen + Lanyards” reveals an influx of students who hate on their fellow classmates just for doing their thing.

If you want to get into some real hatred towards ID holders, check out:

It’s an entire blog dedicated to the sole mission of boycotting functional accessories and shaming the individuals who wear it.

Frankly, we respectfully disagree with these sentiments (because we’re a site that sells awesome lanyards, duh), but more so because ostracizing students for wearing their essentials around their neck creates division and encourages a judgmental point of view. You ARE a bully for doing so.

So why do students frown upon these key & ID wielding accessories?

Superiority: A lot of really cool students claim the best way to distinguish a freshman is to find a poor soul with a lanyard. It’s amazing how one or two years can magnify a student’s ego. Progressing in your school career is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. However, it doesn’t make you superior.

Someone went as far as creating a meme.

cool lanyards

He’s not even wearing a lanyard. *Sips tea..But any who…

You will appreciate the practice of humility much more as you grow older. Keep meditating on the vastness of the universe and you’ll never bother picking on anyone ever again. We’re all so little in the grand scheme of things. Time is incredibly finite and being a hater/bully will never help you progress in life. The whole point of education is to give you the proper tools to succeed. Those cool lanyards that your underclassmen are wearing are merely tools (Yes, we think they’re cool!). Freshmen are new to the school and they’re excited to be there. They just want to succeed. So lets give them a break. Let us welcome their enthusiasm.

Don’t close yourself off to opportunities to create friendships and learning by tyrannizing others. When your awareness hits a certain level, you’ll find that love and unity is absolutely essential to the well being of yourself and the world.

Why it’s not cool to make fun of freshman for wearing lanyards:

It makes students feel insecure and unwelcome. It perpetuates future classes of bullying.

A good learning environment is a space where everyone is treated with respect. What someone chooses to wear should not warrant criticism. It does not feel good to walk around with a sense of inferiority looming over you.

This article might come off a little uptight, but our intentions are good. Technology and the way we communicate is different now. Misinformation and negativity spreads across the internet and people eat up anything they see and hear. It’s important that we develop empathy and consciousness along side intelligence.


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