Customize Your Own Lanyard

Customize Your Own Lanyard

It is easy to customize your own lanyard. Lanyards are straps that are hung around a person’s neck, shoulder or wrist to identify members of a particular company or organization. They range in style, material, and design based on their intended use. A variety of materials can be used to align coherently to your company’s or corporate needs, from low-cost nylon straps to high-end brand name cotton lanyards. They also come in an array of colors, and the most common are white, black, green, red, yellow and blue.

Customize Your Own Lanyard

Personalized lanyards are not only an excellent way of promoting your brand exposure but also give authority to certain figures in way that other techniques can’t. Whether it is used as an identity fob, security pass, a key holder or id holder, when adorned, a lanyard can vehemently display authority and help raise the profile of your brand beyond the workplace. There are various types of lanyard straps available, and they include;

Stock Lanyards

These are 10mm wide straps that provide great value for your money. They are made from flat lace polyester and come with a standard safety breakaway and a high-quality metal clip to attach your card or keys. They are available in plain colors, and all you have to do is choose a color that represents your brand.

Printed Stock Lanyards

These are more specific lanyards that help to assert distinct authority groups. They are also 10mm wide and are made of polyester, but the printed lanyards can be adorned with visitor, contractor, student or staff’s identification label. They are very suitable for corporate events.

Screen Printed Lanyards

These are an excellent choice if you want to give your business brand an extra push. They can be customized with your organizations or companies name, or custom printed with colors of your choice on either one or both sides. You can decide to have your brand name or favorite color printed on a 10mm, 12mm, 15mm or 20mm wide lanyard.

Screen Printed Tubular lanyards

These are hollow lanyards that can be designed to match any Pantone color. They are produced from a loose-stitched polyester material which forms a crimped or tube-like shape that allows the printing of your branding message, logo or company slogan.

Full-Color Heat Transfer Lanyards

This type guarantees high-quality. They offer excellent copy quality for the most sophisticated logos, slogans or even photographs. They adhere correctly to any printing medium since they are made from smooth polyester. They are not only comfortable to wear but also outspoken.

Cotton Lanyard

These are 100% cotton. They are highly durable and are considered to be the best. They can adhere to any Pantone color of your choice and display any branding message or slogan explicitly.

Customize your own lanyard and represent your brand and identity to the fullest. Instead of having members of your company walking with losing access or identification cards, get yourself customized lanyards.

Simply Lanyards has worked with several large corporations such as Major League Baseball® and NBC®. Contact us today to start building your own lanyard.


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