Customized Lanyards

Customized Lanyards

Being able to identify personnel at work quickly is important. A large office can house thousands of workers coming and going throughout the week. Security needs to make sure that only authorized employees can gain access to the site. Beyond the main entrance, some departments may be off limits too unless people have the right level of clearance.

Customized lanyards are perfect. People can just pop them around their necks and show security and reception which they are. They help to make the whole place safer for everyone. Most people probably don’t think about security at work, but it’s essential to maintain standards and stay vigilant. Opportunist thieves can easily get away with valuable equipment or data if there’s a security breach. The consequences can be costly and hugely disruptive as well.

When it comes to staff lanyards, it’s also a great branding opportunity too. Customized lanyards can reflect corporate colors and logo to chime perfectly with everything else. A good supplier will be able to come up with and produce custom designs without adding significantly to the overall cost. And no color scheme should prove too challenging. They help to identify people and give them a sense of belonging too, making it a nice touch.

They offer a much neater solution than just a standard issue ID card or badge. If people need to swipe to gain access through doors and turnstiles, they can just grab their lanyard and scan their pass. It’s a neat system. IDs and badges are readily available and entirely visible at all times. If it feels like it’s time to ramp up security, then this is an excellent way to do it. Every security department needs to find a quality supplier of lanyards. One that can produce custom designs to order that look the part.

customised lanyards - dye sublimation

Customized lanyards are used to hold security cards and access cards. The cards themselves can be placed inside a clear holder, or the cards can include holes that allow for the insertion of the lanyard. The lanyard then goes around the wearer’s neck and provides a simple means of showing access rights and proving identity. It is possible to buy holders that include “Staff” or “Visitor” to indicate the type of person that is wearing the access card.

There are many options to choose from including ecologically friendly versions, reflective holders, and those with your company logo, name, or insignia printed on them. You can pick holders that are almost as customized as the cards that they hold and that help manage security control within your organization or building.


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